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Understanding Pain

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The Writer's Take:

The understanding of Realisation is key to understanding this poem.

Realisation that sadness is eternal, pain is powerful and empowering at the same time,

Questioning. Questioning concepts such as reality, that deal with sanity, for what if one is truly insane, and doesn’t know how to explain his insanity, what if people and society at large simply label sanity as a concept, but don’t truly know what it means? How can one peer into the heart of a person? And without peering, how can one judge sanity? Perhaps then, sanity is a fleeting thought amongst lunatics?

Realisation and questioning are the twin forces that have the power to bring down any force in the world, including the mindset that determines individual existence. Does anybody know why they exist? What is the reason they think they exist For, is simply ...invalid? It’s the hurt, the ache, the agony, and the pain, that takes one where he doesn’t want to be, but where he is supposed to be...where he deigns to be!

Please feel free to express your emotions, thoughts and take on the poem in the Comments!

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