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The Dying Dove

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The Dying Dove
The Dying Dove

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The Dying Dove

Over the tree of utter disdain I lived, laughed and played in vain... I looked at the sky with the hope of love, But I was blinded by the side of a bleeding Dove...

The Dove told me about the pain It suffered; truly inhumane Her story carried endless depth, It was an Abyss, that put the ocean to shame...

She cried, weeped and grieved, Over the trust she bequeathed, Over the ones she believed, Needed her love to breathe...

She regretted, repented and rued Against the tree of death anew, She knew her scars were to Long last, But to treat her heartless fate, that might not be as fast.

She coaxed and swayed in my arms embrace She hoped and prayed, Her secret was in my veins.

Her embrace was as warm as my heart, Over the pain, she reviewed as art, She knew her secret was safe then, Within the art of my dying pen.

In the next moment, I witnessed my life’s purpose, As I gave her, her life, as atonement Repenting nothing and yet everything, In my heart’s circus.

The last look I gave, Was to my bleeding arms and those flocking birds, Ever so silently I whispered, Don’t bleed again, Don’t trust in vain, but still remain the same...

As my eyes welcomed the absolute darkness I wished to never see her slain.

~ Aedo -----------------

Before you read the interpretation of the writer, please be sure to give your interpretation in the comments! I would love to read it! ~Aedo -----------------

This poem looks at the relationship, the writer has with a friend.

The dove is the friend that the poet writes for. She is hurt, and she aches, she is in pain and she is dying. The writer who is a mere boy( which is symbolic for portraying innocence) finds the bird flying, fleeing and bleeding. She sits on a dead tree( symbolizing her impending misfortune) and lets her tears fall. She had fallen victim one-too-many times and alas, she had paid the price with trust. She told the boy her story.

The boy sympathizes with the bird, but also understands that the pain she faces is immeasurable. The boy was young, but not naïve, he might not have known the dove’s pain, but he knows pain. He knows what it was like to face betrayal and embrace hatred. His pain was his and her pain was hers, and he knew all he could do was embrace her as tightly as he could and keep her secret with him; because if it were him, that was what he would have wanted, after all, he too was dying(marked by the words- secretly dying pen).

He came face-to-face with what he thought was his destiny then. He knew that the dove meant more to him than anybody else in the world, even himself. It is rare to find someone you can share pain with, and almost always, people who share pain often share a bond stronger than love- a bond forged by hatred. He knew the dove was strong for she had faced what many wouldn’t dare. So in the next moment, he gave her his life. Atonement for his sins, the sin of love and of trust, and a second chance for her - the chance to live again.

As she regained her strength, all he could whisper into her ears as she prepared to take flight towards a new life was, "Don’t bleed again, Don’t trust in vain, but always remain the same", with this - his last words- the writer welcomes the same death he snatched from the Dove, all the while his instincts wishing to never see her slain. The Dove learning from her mistake flew away, without looking back at what had been done- the past was in the past and that could not be changed.


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